St. Dominic Catholic Church

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Pastor's Corner

September 30, 2018

The Dominicans are one of the fastest growing men’s religious orders in the U.S.  Our Province has 34 young men in formation to be priests and brothers.  Formation costs are $51,000 a year/brother, which includes food, lodging, books and supplies, formation, healthcare, and a graduate education in philosophy and theology. 

The Dominicans do notreceive support for our education and formation from any of the dioceses in which we serve – we rely on the income our brothers in ministry earn (25% of our gross income supports formation, retired brothers and our Province missionaries in other countries).  We have to rely on yourgenerosity, too.  St. Dominic desired that his brothers be mendicants, meaning that we should humbly beg others to support our life and work.

I was blessed to minister as the Student Master for some of these young men before I came to St. Dominic’s.  Their desire for holiness, their thirst for knowledge, and their hope to be faithful ministers was inspiring! They’re smart, too! Three have Ph.D.s in chemistry, philosophy, and experimental astrophysics. Others have backgrounds in mathematical economic analysis, mechanical engineering, music, and biochemistry. One of our novices is a physician. Someday, with your help, he may be a physician of souls.  

Please pray for the brothers who are persevering even when priests are held in suspicion. They are with us for the love of the Lord – and for you!