St. Dominic Catholic Church

2002 Merton Ave | Los Angeles, CA 90041 | (323) 254-2519

Pastor's Corner

July 16, 2017


You may have noticed the first part of the renovation project has started.  Teams from VanCrest construction have completed the demolition work on the main walls and ceiling that was necessary in the large second floor room. In addition to repairing and renovating that large room, the first floor has seen some construction work, too, as part of a seismic reinforcement of the building.  Eight large new posts are being inserted into the walls from the ground floor foundation to the roof. This will add strength to the entire building. This is the reason the building is closed for any use for the rest of July.

In addition, a “girdle” of plywood will be added to the second floor to help reinforce the building and protect it from earthquake damage.  When we begin to renovate the first floor, this extra strengthening measure will be used there, too. By now you may have noticed a small portion of the building has had the siding removed. This, too, is for the seismic retrofitting. All of this will insure the life of the building for many generations to come. In the next week the interior framing will have started and the new electrical and Audio/Visual conduits will be installed.

On July 12, Fr. Francis, Greg Cornell our Development Director, and members of the Development Board who have been working for years on this project met with representatives from many of the ministries and groups that are part of our parish.  Over fifty people attended.  Unfortunately, my participation was only through a short video I filmed while at Notre Dame for a conference on elementary school enrollment and through prayer.  We are preparing more information to give you on Sunday, August 13 after all the Masses with a special campaign kickoff at 2:45 p.m.   Hope to see you then!