St. Dominic Catholic Church

2002 Merton Ave | Los Angeles, CA 90041 | (323) 254-2519

Parish Pastoral Council

Mimie Honda - Chairperson


Silvia Collins - Vice Chairperson


Jay Cooney -  Secretary


Theresa De Vera



Parish Pastoral Council Minutes

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Purpose of the Parish Pastoral Council


If, after consulting the council of priests, the diocesan Bishop considers it opportune, a pastoral council is to be established in each parish. In this council, which is presided over by the parish priest, Christ’s faithful, together with those who by virtue of their office are engaged in pastoral care in the parish, give their help in fostering pastoral action. The pastoral council has only a consultative vote, and it is regulated by the norms laid down by the diocesan Bishop.

Code of Canon Law, 536.

This role of the Parish Pastoral Council, as one of ongoing pastoral planning, is an evolution from the parish councils which have existed in the past. The purpose of the Parish Pastoral Council is primarily to develop mission-focused parishes. This does not deny the importance of activity and fiscal responsibility, but it does attempt to place at the heart of the parish a consciousness and zeal for the mission of Jesus Christ.

Implementation Guide for Parish Pastoral Councils, San Gabriel Pastoral Region, p. 10

"Pastors also know that they themselves were not meant to shoulder, alone, the entire saving mission of the Church toward the world. On the contrary, they understand that it is their noble duty so to shepherd the faithful and recognize their service and charismatic gifts that all according to their proper roles may cooperate in this common undertaking with one heart."

Dogmatic Constitution on the Church, 30.