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The sadness of death should give way in our liturgy to the promise of resurrected life. Our celebration of a person’s life should reflect our conviction that in Jesus Christ we have life beyond life. 

The Church takes very seriously its responsibility to offer corporal works of mercy, and these include the proper burial of the deceased.  Therefore, St. Dominic’s offers its parishioners and friends the complete funeral rite as a means of consolation for the living and grace-filled assistance for the deceased. These rites, which are most properly celebrated in the parish church of the deceased, include a vigil at the church or mortuary, a funeral Mass at the church or a Catholic cemetery with a consecrated chapel, and interment of the body or inurnment of ashes.  Funerals at St. Dominic’s are limited to parishioners and to those with significant ties to the parish.

Funerals are normally held Monday through Saturday at times depending on clergy and church availability. A vigil is normally held the afternoon or evening before, at the church or at the funeral home.

The first step to take when planning a funeral liturgy is to contact the main office at (323) 254-2519.  You will be assigned a funeral coordinator who will help you with the planning of the vigil, funeral and interment and also coordinate these services with the parish clergy.


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