St. Dominic Catholic Church

2002 Merton Ave | Los Angeles, CA 90041 | (323) 254-2519

Pastor's Corner

September 3, 2017

I am very thankful and optimistic for the enthusiasm that many of our parishioners have shown after the kickoff of our major capital campaign.  The renovation of the community center that was purchased under the leadership of Fr. Paul Scanlon is a once-in-a-generation project, and we are building on the sacrifice and faith of the generations of Catholics in Eagle Rock before us.  I am grateful that so many of you have stepped forward to discuss a major gift contribution to the campaign.

Our immediate goal is to meet the requirement of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, and raise 60% of the $1,855,000 total cost through "major gift" contributions.  Most of these will be through pledges over the course of five years.  Only when we have 60% of the total cost ($1.113 million) in pledges and donations received will we be able to move forward with the completion of the renovation of the whole building.  That renovation will include an elevator, the subdivision of the downstairs main hall, new (and more plentiful) bathrooms, raising the foundation above grade, and refurbishing all of the rooms downstairs, and the remaining smaller rooms upstairs.

Once we raise 60% of the total, we will then enter into the next phase of our fundraising efforts by inviting parishioner gifts through giving envelopes, direct mail invitations-to-give, and online gifts.  We will also be applying for grants to help with the project, if possible.

I see this campaign as different from other fundraising efforts in the past here.  We will be encouraging you to consider making a pledge over five years.  This will require prayerful reflection as you consider making a larger contribution over time than you could make with a single donation.  This is what I have done, and it feels great to make a regular donation that I know over time will have a much greater impact than a one-time donation.

Please call me or our development Director, Greg Cornell at: 818-451-9208 to schedule an appointment to discuss the campaign.

Thank you for your support of this historic project and your determination to see Saint Dominic Parish become a center for the New Evangelization called for by all the popes since St. John Paul II.